Opening Ceremony

Rise bright and early to join Kwin and Jenn in ** Opening Ceremony **, an intimate gathering that will open the day at the Crystal Cave stage. Together, we will unearth the gentle essence of CACAO, a plant teacher and medicine that will guide us into the heart space. Learn about what the medicine of cacao has to offer us, and why it has been used in sacred ceremony throughout the central and south Americas for generations.

As we move into a meditation, we will look within, exploring our inner landscapes as the meditation unfolds. Allow this to be a time for setting an intention that will carry you through the day, through Circle the Wagons, and beyond! What would you like to take away from this epic festival experience that is offered to you right here in the heart of Calgary?!

This ceremony is open to all ages and will be a wonderful way to drop into your heart-space and take a moment to connect to yourself before the bustling activities of the festival really take off. Not to mention that cacao will be the perfect energizing concoction to prep you for a big day (and night!) of dancing, laughter, and connection to those around you. Plus, all cacao provided in the ceremony is free with your admission!

Find presence and get back to your centre with the vitalizing effects of CACAO. Start your day with us and set yourself up to have the best Circle the Wagons experience ever... we promise!

See you in ceremony!

With love (+ chocolate!),

Jenn & Kwin

Amy Thiessen

I began #ProjectSundari a long time ago, before I ever realized what it would become. When I was 23 studying in an Indian ashram I was given the name "Sundari" as something to grow into. The word means "beautiful self" and as I evolved through years of study in yoga and healing I realized that recognizing true beauty in oneself means accepting all aspects of one's being.

As a teacher I have had the privilege of working with several practitioners and began to see #ProjectSundari as a way of supporting the evolution of both myself and my students. The power of mantra is something that has always escaped logical understanding. From ceremony in Peru, to working with people transitioning out of this life, I have witnessed first hand that mantra has an inexplicable power to heal.

Equipped with a guitar, keyboard, simple drum machine and loop pedal, I create what I call "Ancient Trip Hop" a hypnotic blend of harmonies, prayers, beats, and melody with the intension of creating an auditory safe for self understanding and healing. Sometimes these songs last only a few minutes, sometimes much longer depending on the flow of the practice or concert. The primary intention is conn

You can listen to mantras and #ProjectSundari at amythiessen.com

ection to Self and each other.

Crystal Bargholz

As a practice yoga has been a true lifeline, in days of heat and pain, in the boredom and in the bliss. Yoga gave space to hold it all. To hold me. Exploring the elements within and with out...discovering the door and the mirror, to me, this is the experience of yoga.

Join me as we test the body, the mind and be open to see what may be yet unseen.

Danielle Dixon

I stumbled headfirst into my love affair with yoga over 12 years ago, and haven’t looked back since. Teaching since 2012, my classes are always infused with lots of jokes, good and bad, and some creative movement and flow. I thrive on keeping yoga fun and approachable for everyone, while always challenging the meaning and strength that we gain through the practice. I’m trained in both vinyasa flow, and traditional 26 (Bikram style) so you can always expect a variety of postures, with lots of focus on alignment and breath.

In March 2017, I am proud to have founded the Prana Yoga Festival, Calgary’s first major yoga festival. It was a culmination of a long time dream, incredible passion, and experts in their field coming together to create and amazing weekend full of yoga, meditation, and so much more.

I love working with people to find their truth and passion, and goal-setting to strive and achieve more out of themselves both on and off the mat.

I teach weekly within the city, and would love to see you in studio for a smile, a laugh, and a hug (if you’re into that).

Jenelle Kitto

Born and raised in Calgary, Jenelle offers a holistic perspective to modern yogic living. She is an advocate for supporting local and creating a healthy 80:20 balanced life.

A yoga teacher since 2010 and student of Meditation, Holistic Nutrition, Herbology and Sustainable Living since 1999, Jenelle thrives on continuous education from a variety of yoga disciplines and healing modalities. Her yoga technique is rooted in the classical hatha tradition of Sivananda Yoga with influence from Yin Yoga studies with Bernie Clark, Yoga Nidra with Tanis Fishman and Mantras+Bhakti with Jai Uttal. In 2017 Jenelle completed her SUP, SUPyoga and SUPfitness training with www.paddleintofitness.com and will be offering fun outdoor adventures in the warmer months of the year. Jenelle also mentors aspiring new instructors and co-facilitates the Yoga4Life 200hr teacher training with Amy Theissen.

Her love for the arts, science, music and adventure are woven into the fabric of Jenelle’s teachings. If you’re down with stillness, classical hatha, yin and nidra classes are infused with poetic, introspective narratives and mantras. If your jam is to groove, shake and flow, music driven vinyasa flows and vinyl record inspired Yang Dragon Dances. Regardless of class style, Jenelle is known for being a master of alignment based cues that assist with functional movement and deepen the mind body connection.

Jenelle offers drop-in classes throughout Calgary, including the corporate yoga sector. For details on engaging workshops, yoga inspired nutrition programs, group cleanses and annual yoga retreats, visit www.vidasanaliving.com

Sachin Sudra

Sachin Sudra is the founder and teacher of Namaste Cooking. His work in community-based nutrition is a labour of love, deeply rooted in his own cooking practice and the spices of his grandmother’s kitchen.

He incorporated Ayurveda into his practice after witnessing the transformative power of this simple, harmonious way of living and eating. His training in Ayurveda took place at the JSS Ayurveda Hospital, in Mysore, India.

Since 2009, Sachin has been bringing his passion for Ayurvedic vegetarian cooking to people in Calgary and across the world. It is his joy to bring together his passions for beautiful food, Ayurvedic methods of self-care, and the sacred geometry known as Vaastu to bring healing and balance.

Stacey Irvine

My yoga journey began over ten years ago when I continued to experience many injuries as a triathlete. I was encouraged to practice yoga to rehabilitate, but to my surprise I quickly felt like I had arrived home. Without hesitation, yoga became the essence of my daily life, and planted a seed that would inspire me to really get to know myself and dig deep to understand what I wanted my footprint in this lifetime to be. I am a mama to three little ladies, a Registered Nurse at the Alberta Children’s Hospital and I teach yoga for various yoga studios throughout the city, all while running a Yoga Therapy practice out of my home. I am committed to advocating for a more Integrative Healthcare system and maintain a deep passion to bridge the gap between the Western and Alternative Healthcare systems. I believe in Movement + Meditation + Mindfulness and Holistic Wellness to heal our bodies from the inside out, and nothing excites me more then bringing community together as a collective to step into our individual strengths and be reminded of the power and magic that exists when we come together. It is with great pleasure that I join you, and hold space for you on your mat so you can learn more about your essence and sow the seeds to living an authentic and abundant life.

Mandorla Yoga Institute

The Mandorla Yoga Institute is a community inspired by our desire to see empowered women who are tapped into their life purpose. We believe in meaningful relationships and the joy of being at home in your body and mind. As a registered school with both the Yoga Alliance and the NHPC, and as a Canadian Education Institution, our tax deductible programs in Thai Yoga Massage, Elemental Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Integrative Yoga are for women who are ready to come home to themselves through movement, meditation and bodywork. We offer registered yoga and movement classes, private sessions in yoga and massage and professional training with the following certifications: Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200 or 500 hour level, Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner, Thai Yoga Therapist and Licensed Holistic Practitioner.