BassBus Big Top: 8 - 8:15 PM

Subscura has performed for diverse audiences across a variety of settings—from renowned theatres to underground arts venues, from international music festivals to professional showcases, from intimate audiences of 30 to vast crowds of 3000.

The group is known for visceral performances that embody and confront topics such as loss, trauma, addiction, community psychology, group–think behaviours, social conditioning, and resistance to normative pressure. Through a raw exploration of universal themes, vulnerability is shared and evoked, creating an atmosphere of relatedness and connection with the audience.

Subscura is a multidisciplinary performance arts collective. Utilizing a variety of mediums including modern dance, aerial hoop, contortion, hip hop, butoh, character theatrics, and prop manipulation, Subscura’s work explores the landscapes of the psyche by facilitating a shared experience between and amongst audience members and performers.

Circus Acts Insomniacs

BassBus Big Top: 9:15 - 9:30 PM

The Circus Acts Insomniacs is a traveling performance troupe based out of Fernie, B.C. We have been together for more than a year and have toured around the Columbia Basin performing over 15 shows at several different venues including The Arts Station in Fernie, Element Club in Castlegar, Traverse in Revelstoke, Unity Music Festival in Slocan City, The Capitol Theatre in Nelson and many more. The Circus Acts Insomniacs’ repertoire fits within a wide range of events - music festivals, children's festivals, yoga festivals, private parties, theatre performances, bar events and in one instance, a music video. Each Circus Act member brings an array of talents to the troupe. A typical show includes choreographed dance interspersed with and accented by hula hooping and aerial acrobatics. When it’s time to turn up the heat we add fire spinning, fire eating and a song or two to keep our audience humming after the show.

La Rouge

During Ruben and the Dark

La Rouge is a circus and performing arts group from Lethbridge, Alberta. The performers are professionally trained with a broad foundation of talents including aerial silks, lyra, cords lisse, trapeze, straps, contortion, acrobatics, and dance. The groups talents have performed at various events around Canada and the United States including corporate events, fundraisers, private functions, and festivals. La Rouge brings a unique ethereal experience to the stage and air that will leave the audience dazzled and dreaming of the circus.

Peppurrmint Parlour

During Skratch Bastid

Peppurrmint Parlour is an inclusive community where we value expression, accessibility and body positivity.

Peppurrmint Parlour was founded in 2016 by Monday Blues, Scarlet Disdain, and Feline Güd. Since then, these fearless pussycats have rocked audiences with comedic, daring, and often surprising neo-burlesque and sideshow. Always on the prowl, they have been spotted performing at festivals like Astral Harvest, Freezerburn, Burning Man, the Calgary International Burlesque Festival, Edmonton Burlesque Festival, Montreal's Bagel Burlesque Expo, the Oregon Burlesque Festival, and in cities across North America. Peppurrmint Parlour is an inclusive community who values expression, accessibility and body positivity. The current members are: Bitch Sassidy, Nellie BiNature, Manhattan Wilde, Bella Bizarre, Betty Bootybounce, Monday Blues, Anita Vice, Scarlet Disdain, Katra Corbeau, Mae Fyre, and Feline Güd.

Body Art Motion

During Opiuo

Unique bellydance fusion performances known as the signature name ‘BAM’(BodyArtMotion) - bringing “art” to entertainment, creating the ‘wow’ factor! From classy corporate to festival vibes, our range is full spectrum. Our BAM Tribal Fusion Bellydance Squad memorizes audiences with their snake charmer ways and telepathic dance language. Founded and directed by Tanya Lee, an established international performer and teacher - this group is based in the Hot Pot "Improvisational Tribal Style" out of Sacramento California. Slow and sultry or fast and furious - these goddesses love it all! Perhaps you've seen them cast spells on the stage along side DJ's such as CloZee, Beats Antique, Emancipator, Guru, Pumpkin, Bass Caravan, QDUP, Dessert Dwellers, JPOD. BAM aims to create every piece of performance art as a unique adventure for body, mind and soul that captures the energy of the moment!

The Breaks YYC

During Skratch Bastid

The Breaks YYC is Calgary’s first non-profit organization committed exclusively to Calgary’s breaking community. The Breaks YYC’s initiative is to provide affordable and accessible breaking workshops, competitions and practice spaces within the city. In doing so, we hope to not only educate breakers within the community but to encourage Calgarians to support this positive creative outlet.

Be sure to come check out the following battles during the Skatch Bastid Funk Jam Set:

Kids Crew vs Crew Exhibition Battle

Come check out Calgary's up and coming breakdancers showcase their talents in a crew vs crew timed exhibition battle. You will see our cities next generation of dancers as young as 8 years old to 17 years old.

All Styles Cypher Battle

If you enjoy participating or spectating any style of Hip-Hop/Urban dance.  Get down in this open cypher, make a call out and battle or just dance.  We will crown a Cypher king or queen as well as award the hypest call out battle of the cypher.

Ballyhoo Entertainment

Kids Stage from 12 PM - 5 PM

Award Winning Children’s Entertainer Dee Dee Darling has been thrilling family audiences all over Canada and internationally for the past 10 years with her signature blend of silly, fun and playful children’s entertainment.

Joined by Jason Melninchik, Dee Dee is sure to blow the roof off as a Guinness World Record Holder who has been featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not with a background as a pre-school & K-6 teacher.


During Ruben and the Dark

1st Place Winner of the Circle Open Auditions

Natalia's love affair with Flamenco began at the age of 4 following her initial exposure to dance within the  Spanish community in her hometown of Edmonton. She studied and performed the regional dances from Spain for the majority of her teens but stepped back to focus on her career and transition to Calgarian. After a decade long hiatus, she returned to the stage 6 years ago following a journey that took her from Rajasthan, the origin of the Romani people; to the streets Andalusia, where Flamenco was born. With the support and encouragement from her Flamenco and Festival communities back home, she discovered that traditional could coexist with contemporary while maintaining the root of authentic expression. She chooses music that speaks to her and translates it into unscripted movement within the ever-present container of rhythm. Both as a solo artist and as a collaborator within local collectives, she has performed for several festivals and events including Shambhala, Astral Harvest, Cirque de la Nuit, Grindhaüs, Freezer Burn and Burning Man.

Melissa Buluran

During Skratch Bastid

2nd Place Winner of the Circle Open Auditions

Melissa Buluran, is a Calgary based dancer who has been illuminating dance floors and stages for twenty-two years. She began her formal dance training at the age of three years old and has since been experimenting with many types of dance such as ballet, contemporary, tap, and where her heart sits, hip hop and its many different forms like house. Her performance style consists of fusing her contemporary roots with her sultry hip hop grooves.

After taking a brief break from dance, Melissa rekindled her yearn to grow as a dancer and experienced a nostalgic yet new found love with movement, which has aspired her to explore her passion for dance. This led her to discover that performing and dancing was the perfect outlet for her to express her zeal for life and to share her vibrant energy with others. Since then, she has collaborated with many local artists (such as DJs, singers, rappers, dancers, companies, and music producers). And has performed at festivals like Astral Harvest and Sangha, and local events like Sled Island, Ignite Festival, Late Night at the Plaza, and Beakerhead, which showcased both her freestyle and original choreographed pieces. No matter what, this girl is always in the mood for some dancing! Just turn up that beat, and she’ll make any floor her dance floor.

At the Hip

Kids Stage at 2:30 PM

3rd Place Winners of the Circle Open Auditions.

At the Hip’s collection of bellydance beauties have been shaking their stuff delighting Calgary audiences for nearly seven years. Although classically trained, a penchant for the avant-garde has lead these artists to explore many avenues of bellydance, allowing them to express their talents in both traditional and modern inspired performance.

Dani Michelle

During Too Many Zooz

Dani Michelle is a hula hoop busker. She started hooping when she was 19 and started busking a few years later in Calgary. 2 years ago she got to perform in Thailand and Australia, sharing her passion and joy. You'll be having a great time watching this animated mini multi hoop act.

Diana Mikova

During Too Many Zooz

Originally from Slovakia, Diana has been passionate about dancing from an early age. She first picked up the hoop dancing at Shambhala 2010, and has been spinning ever since at music festivals or when travelling around the world. She always loves to learn new things and incorporates LED, multiple hoops and fire hoops into her dancing, and also adding poi and dragon staff to her prop repertoire. Diana looks forward to sharing her passion for music and dance with you.


During Too Many Zooz

Hey, it's Cho.  I love to dance.

I started dancing when I was 3 and since then I’ve trained in jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, hip-hop, modern, and tap.  Now my style is stylized jazz femme.

When I perform, sonic vibrations embody me.   I become a musical instrument articulating the sound with my movement. 

Robin Fiametta

During Too Many Zooz

Robin Fiametta’s inspiration for fire dancing came from her time on Maui where she became enthralled with the practice after watching fire dancers including a young girl dancing with a fire hoop on Little Beach.  Her bravery and talent inspired Fiametta to begin her own studies in the art of glow & fire poi.  Robin quickly became obsessed with adding to her repertoire of movement and not only began adding tricks to her flow; she also brought those same talents to other props.  Although her first love is poi, Robin has expanded her practice to include double staves, nunchucks, and is one of a rare few that can spin 4-poi!  In addition to her love of props, Fiametta also performs regularly as a bellydancer with At the Hip and flowgo dances with aGoGo.